Composite Products Manufactured

ACT Aerospace continues to innovate in engineering and manufacturing by creating high end, strong, lightweight aerospace components with a low overhead model unmatched in many industries.  We are creating crucial components on some of the most respected aircraft in the industry and have earned our position based on our reputation for quality engineering.

With Utah being one of the most industrious states in the nation and the #1 best state for business, (Forbes Magazine, Oct., 2010), we lean on the best colleges and universities in the state to facilitate our work force. This allows us to hire top talent, stay forward thinking and remain lean because of the efficiency of our engineers and employees. In deed, it also allows us to stay a step ahead of anyone else in our industry.

Products we have experience manufacturing include:

  • Aircraft wings and empennage
  • Aircraft control surfaces
  • Accumulator tanks (high pressure)
  • Aircraft fuel tanks
  • Aircraft cowlings
  • Aircraft nacelles
  • Helicopter rotor blades
  • Helicopter drive shafts
  • Aircraft landing bezel
  • Landing gear
  • Landing gear bushings